The Other Orgasm™

How did it happen?  You love life is suffering. The one you love is pulling away from you and you don’t know what to do to rekindle the flame. It was so good in the beginning. You couldn’t get enough of one another.fighting couple

Gradually however that flame
 dulled and now you are wondering when —or if—you will ever “get lucky” again.  And the fact is you have graduated from being in love with the person to really loving the person.

The problem is however that your sexual expression never graduated! Now you are stuck. The two of you are quarreling over tooth paste caps and electricity bills. Some days it feels like its all downside

Or maybe you are past the point of no return—the breakup is inevitable— or has already taken place.

Is it possible to find your soul mate? Why does it always seem like it starts out beautiful and then goes south so quickly? How can you learn from your mistakes?

First things first; It’s not your fault. The truth is you’ve been abused. You’ve been exploited and abused. The ones you love have been exploited and abused. Your whole life you have been told lies about sexuality. It wasn’t a conspiracy— but it might as well have been one.

Meanwhile temptation is all around you. A trip to the grocery store serves up endless images of the buff and the beautiful, stimulating your urges, adding to your frustrations. You notice you are becoming hostile and resentful of the beautiful people—all of them look too sexy! Way too sexy—sexy enough to serve as a constant reminder everything you are missing. Causing you to think back, longing for what you had in the beginning. Remember that sweet exhilarating wonderfully alive feeling, the perfect balance between love and lust, that jolt to your solar plexus the beloved entered the room? Ah Love!

It’s very likely; you just like most people who find themselves in your position are experiencing the effects of a peculiarly American cultural black hole. Puritanism represses, capitalism exploits, democracy defends freedom of speech and technology advances an unbridled access to information. The standard for “beauty” is defined by Hollywood and Madison Avenue.  There really is nothing wrong with the American way of life, but thesepowerful external forces COMBINED are cutting into your action and destroying your love life!

There is no sexual behavior that is not a mouse click away from anyone with computer access. And the images you will subsequently be exposed to have NOTHING to do with authentically expressed sexuality (that leads as The Other Orgasm™ will to mutual multiple orgasmic ecstasies)  As a matter of fact the more porn you indulge in the less likely you are to be a good lover with the man or woman of your dreams!

Let’s face it—sex is fueled by some very powerful urges. and “The Other Orgasm™Theory & Practice Presentation Webinar will not shame you or blame you for your sexual drive. This author believes that safe love and free sex is one of the absolute best things human beings can share with one another. Sexual healing is more than just a popular love song; it is the basis for a great couple, a great family and a great nation.

All you really lack is the chance to be exposed to reliable information and a workable solution to your problem. When you understand these solutions you will never again be confused or doubtful about your skills in the bedroom. You will know—beyond a shadow of a doubt you will know— that you are a great lover. How can you overcome this disinformation and make the changes necessary to be that great lover?

Change is possible and “The Other Orgasm™(Volume One Introductory Theory and Practice)” can help you find a way to make that change.  You will be introduced to three simple ideas that serve not as rules but rules of thumb that will improve your ability to please your partner.

The three simple ideas will be followed up with 9 specific practices that will improve
your ability to connect with your partner and eventually return you to a special place together that is deeper, more respectful and show you what true passion means.  This breakthrough understanding will, without question allow you to express your passion in ways you never dreamed possible. Your relationship will graduate from being “in love”, to the highest level of trust and connection.

Once a person learns to share in “The Other Orgasm”™ pornography looses its’ allure.  You will never again waste time or money sitting at a computer risking being caught by your boss or your spouse again! You will never again engage in risky behaviors that leave you feeling like your desires are dirty or shameful.

With the money you save you can spend time enjoying events in the company of a real live human being…totally free of the stupid annoying petty issues that plague couples who have not discovered “The Other Orgasm”™.

You’ve been taught to look for the “G” spot and no one has ever told you about the “E” spot. and “The Other Orgasm™Theory & Practice Presentation Webinar will teach you how to find and work from the “E” spot. The Other Orgasm will not only rekindle that flame but take your passions to heights neither one of you ever dreamed possible.

There are no physical limitations that can prevent you from sharing the other orgasm with your partner. Once you understand the three simple ideas that are at the heart of “The Other Orgasm™Theory & Practice Presentation Webinar you will never again have to be concerned about performance anxiety or dysfunction of any kind.

“The Other Orgasm™Theory & Practice Presentation Webinaris the first and only book of its kind published in this century. It is unlikely that you have ever been exposed to this information and the concepts in this short easy to read and understand ebook will free you forever from:

• The Fear of being a Lousy Lover

• Lies and Games in Relationships

• The three simple words that will free you forever from being intimidated, tongue tied or taken advantage of by a beautiful man or woman

• Performance anxiety

• Petty fights between loving partners

• Fear of job loss or partner loss due use of  pornography

• Negative body issues, concerns about the size of your body parts

• Doubts about your ability to please your lover

• Jealousy or fears of losing your partner to a better lover

• Fears of being unloved or unlovable

• Fears of growing old without a partner to share in the joys of life

• Fears about being   “too old”  offer your partner enjoyable love making

• Fears of never finding true love or your soul mate.

This life changing material will save many people countless hours of heartache and loneliness. The breakthrough perspective taught by this short sweet information product will help millions of people improve their relationship and experience the kind of true passion. Who doesn’t long for and dream of a relationship that is full of respect, compassion and true love?

The author was counseled by business advisers to offer this product for $89.00.

However the author is so intent on putting this information into the hands of as many people as possible as quickly as possible—information with more value than can ever be rightly calculated, that “The Other Orgasm™Theory & Practice Presentation Webinaris being offered today for the unbelievably low price of $97.00, with a one hundred per cent money back guarantee if you are (both) not 100%