About the Webinar

The Other Orgasm Webinar

People don’t come right out and tell you, “You are a lousy lover”.
They will do one of three things,

  • leave you (hit it and quit it)
  • stay with you and stop having sex ¬†( making everyone miserable¬†)
  • cheat on you trying to get the satisfaction they don’t get in your bed.

Above and beyond the emotinal costs of failed relationships there are actual costs to consider:

  • Average cost of a date $78.00
  • Average cost of a wedding $21, 789
  • Average cost of divorce $58,000

Please Note: The Other Orgasm Live Webinars are considered confirmed at the time of registration. This is a limited time and limited space opportunity. If you are unable to attend you will be given a credit for up to one month for an upcoming seminar.
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